Founder of Just Move Fitness, an established mobile fitness training service offering genuine, comprehensive 1:1 personal fitness training and yoga programs. One trainer, one client with a multitude of health and wellness options specifically designed for the client in mind. No two sessions are alike, to enhance optimal functional movement and kinetics. If you're looking for a trainer that is strict on form and is slightly obsessed with helping her clients feel better and look better? Then look no further! It's time to invest in YOU!

Born to move.

when it all started.......

"Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, I experienced mild levels of anxiety which caused me to want to move A LOT."


 a lifetime of movement......

"I spent all of my life exploring movement, starting with ballet at an early age.  Dance propelled me further into the world of fitness, as I was introduced to gymnastics and eventually I found soccer, which I played competitively for 10 years. As a teenager, I entered into the fitness gym arena and began lifting weights. I discovered Yoga at the height of my personal training career.  I loved how yoga's flow-like sequencing resembled the art of dance! I then went on to get certified at the 500-hour level and taught yoga for almost a decade. "


how weight training gave me confidence......

"I loved how weight training helped me excel at sports but more importantly, I loved how strong and confident I felt! It was then that I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to teach others how to feel empowered physically and mentally through fitness and experience the benefits of movement. 


passion turned career.......

My goal is to inspire others to JUST MOVE everyday!  And to utilize exercise as a healthy way to manage daily life stressors, increase overall energy level or aid with low levels of anxiety. 

I love feeling strong and I share that joy with each of my clients.  

your health guru,

deanna b