Tailored healthy eating consultations for weight loss, weight maintenance and enhanced athletic performance. 

A whole foods meal plan revision is developed to provide a personalized experience to aid in weight loss, weight maintenance, and athletic performance. Carefully selected healthy food updates are determined based on your current nutrition. The Glycemic Index and Metabolic Testing are suggestions implemented to determine healthy food options.

1-on-1 Monthly Nutrition Coaching includes:

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 A la Cart Nutrition Services

  • A full "Kitchen Cupboard Clean Up"! Out with the old, in with the healthy!  

  • A Trip to the Market! Let's go grocery shopping and learn how to read food labels, buy the best produce, and shop healthy! 

  • How to eat for Performance!  Eating for sports performance varies greatly from eating for weight loss. We will discuss the breakdown of macronutrients needed and when to eat!  

*Each additional nutrition service can be added to any Fitness Program or Personal Training series.

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