Motto: “You can’t build a house overnight and without a solid foundation, therefore I believe this to be true about changing the body to work more efficiently and functionally.”

Deanna Brolly, a trainer since 2002, is the founder of Just Move Fitness, a mobile-fitness training service established in 2009, offering genuine, comprehensive 1:1 personal fitness training and yoga programs. One trainer, one client with a multitude of health and wellness options specifically designed for the client in mind. No two sessions are alike, to enhance optimal functional movement and kinetics. If you're looking for a trainer that is strict on form and is slightly obsessed with helping her clients feel better and look better? Then look no further! It's time to invest in you.

"I spent my entire life exploring movement, beginning with ballet to discovering gymnastics in my early teens, which propelled me further into the world of fitness, and eventually explored soccer and played competitively for 10 years. I've always had a lot of mobility which helped me in sports and exercise. I loved finding new ways to move. 

I started lifting weights in my mid to late teens into my 20s. I loved feeling the ability to lift something heavy, including my own body weight, numerous times and gain muscle and body strength. Combining strength training and conditioning aided me in playing

sports and it was then that I gained more self-confidence as an athlete. I knew then, that I wanted to share this ability with others, to help others feel confident with proper coaching and genuine knowledge of how fitness has so many benefits for the human body. 

My passion turned into a career. With that, my goal is to inspire others to just move everyday. Every little bit goes a long way! Walking for 15 minutes during your work day, taking the stairs, or doing 10 push-ups a day. All can be incorporated into a busy life and to utilize exercise as a healthy way to manage daily life stressors, increase overall energy levels and body strength, and gain confidence through moving your body. 

“I love fitness, and together we can SWEAT IT OUT, LET IT OUT!” — Coach D