For the love of Saint Valentine, we CELEBRATE!?


Aaaaahh February. The month we celebrate love as if it wasn’t as important as the other 11 months of the year. Thanks to Hallmark and other greeting card companies, we take this whole celebrating Valentines Day quite seriously! For the single folks out there, one would assume this is not a favored holiday. At least for myself, I remember life as a single gal who loathed Valentines Day as I scrolled through social media posts seeing all my friends with their significant others, gushing over their Valentine’s Day gifts or selfies at their favorite restaurant together.


But now, Valentines Day as a spoken-for gal is one holiday I look forward to! Why though? Why is it so important to celebrate a holiday that is actually quite a sad one! Why don’t we celebrate love all year long! And love has so many meanings, we can love so many things not just other humans. Love for ourselves, for instance. Love for our pets, for nature, for our health, the list goes on…But for the love of Saint Valentine! Why is there so much emphasis on this holiday?

The history of St. Valentine’s Day was established because Saint Valentine, a Third Bishop Roman in the third century, was believed to be executed ON February 14th! So we’re celebrating the death of a Priest?! It’s a bit morbid when I think about it and that’s ok if that’s REALLY what we are celebrating or remembering on VDAY. From what I understand, St. Valentine was trying to keep the sanctity of marriage alive during the fall of the Roman Empire. But marriage wasn’t allowed during the reign of Claudius, so St. Valentine was arrested and imprisoned for trying to marry Christian couples. He was unsuccessful and sadly persecuted. Kind of a sad story isn’t it? So are we celebrating his legacy? Maybe some of the historians out there are. Or did Hallmark just ruin all of us with exploited marketing campaigns to get the sappy folks to over spend on dinner, chocolates, and flowers just to show our significant others that we love them MORE on this day than any other day? Im guessing the latter, since honestly I had no idea who the F St. Valentine was until like 5 years ago. And Im not celebrating the death of him, I’m celebrating the Hallmark holiday.

So how will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Whether you’re single, married, dating or “it’s complicated”, does this holiday speak to you? No judgements. I like celebrating Valentine’s Day because it’s just a fun holiday. Thanks to St. Valentine, we have a holiday where we can waste money on the up-sell of flowers and dinner just to let our significant other know, Hey, “I love you more today than any other day.”

But want to know another way you can splurge on your significant other? With a gift that lasts longer than flowers? Well, if you’re looking for the least expensive way, just tell them you love them and maybe spend the holiday at home making your favorite meal together, reminiscing about your early days a couple. OR, you can buy them safer beauty and personal care products! Yes, I know. I just bashed the whole Valentine’s holiday and gift giving, but some of us DO still like to celebrate! So, check out some rad healthier, safer performing beauty products for you and your significant other! Single? That’s OK! We got you covered! We have products for EVERYONE! Literally. Men, women, children and babies! The theme is “LOVE” this month, so however you want to celebrate it, buy that special someone something that is good for their health.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Beautycounter:

For the men, we have a whole new men’s line of safer skincare products! COUNTERMAN is a collection of 8 handsome products, either bought as a whole regimen, or individually. There is also Beard Regimen and a Shave Regimen for the guy that has specific skincare needs. What a great gift to give to your significant other this Valentine’s holiday! Don’t have a significant other? Why not shop for dad, uncle, brother or best guy friend!


Ladies, TREAT YOURSELF this Valentine’s! To one of my all time favorite Beautycounter skincare products! The Overnight Resurfacing Peel! Wake up to glowing skin with this liquid gold in a bottle! If you are going to invest in any Beautycounter products, I highly recommend this product! I am huge believer that skin boosters, like serums, facial oils, peels, and masks. They are such an essential part of our skincare program. Without a good exfoliant or peel, your standard skincare products like cleansers and facial moisturizers are no good to your skin since you need to slough off that first layer of dead skin cells in order for all other products to work. I use the peel 3x a week, and it doesn’t actually “peel” your skin. You apply after cleansing then wait 3 minutes to apply a moisturizer and leave on overnight! My skin feels softer, it’s minimized my wrinkles, my skin looks brighter, and my pores minimized.


Overnight Resurfacing Peel

Wake up to glowing skin!

Lastly, I love the Romantic Eye Shadow Palette! Nine, beautiful, velvety shades for Valentine’s Day dinner! Or on that special night out on the town! Look at these beautiful, versatile shades! Romantic indeed! All of our cosmetics are triple tested; at the beginning, middle and end of formulation to make sure no harmful ingredients get mixed in. There are NO heavy metals in our eye shadows!

Want healthy skin from the inside out? Snag your    14- Day Beauty Detox!

Want healthy skin from the inside out? Snag your 14- Day Beauty Detox!

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Deanna B