Deanna is an ideal trainer: she’s knowledgeable, creative, energetic and motivating. I’ve been attending Deanna’s yoga classes 3x/week for the last 1.5 years. And I liked her style so much that I bought some private training sessions for myself and my boyfriend.
I’ve been working with Deanna for over a year. Smart, funny, kind - knows her stuff! Nutrition input if helpful as well. Good luck and have fun!
Deanna is always positive and motivating. In the 4+ years, she’s kept my body in check and she’s always been able to match the workout with what my body can handle. She’ll kick my ass on a strong day, and stretch me out on a weak day. A session with Deanna is never wasted.
Don’t look any further...hire Deanna! She is hands-down the most fun, motivating, real, and knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever encountered. She is helping me get in shape, de-stress, and improve years of ongoing abuse to my posture - while making me feel better and stronger mentally each time we meet. Put simply - she is hilarious and fun to be around, and more importantly, the girl knows her shit. I highly recommend her and wish I could get everyone I know to go to her; she’s made such a positive impact on my life!
Through the years I have worked out with several personal trainers and physical therapists. After working out with Deanna for the last year I can highly recommend training with her. She has helped me build stamina and endurance after a return from knee surgery. Your session will be fully customized for you-your body, your level, your goals. Deanna will keep things interesting by changing up your routine so you won’t get bored ...and if you’re lucky she’ll throw in a few of her fabulous sarcastic, witty comments just when you need it most!