Fun, genuine, results-driven 1:1 or 2:1 Personal Fitness Training



Healing 1:1 or 2:1 Personalized Healing Yoga Sessions

Customized Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Customized Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching


Want to feel better and look better but can’t find the time to be healthy?

Welcome to JUST MOVE FITNESS! Home of the no B.S., NO EXCUSES not-to-workout program!

Let’s get real here. How many of these excuses have you used NOT to get a workout in: “I don’t have time to workout.” “Im too tired.” “Im too hungry.” “Im too old.” “I don’t know what Im doing in the gym, I’ll just stay at home”. “Im traveling for work and it’s just too hard to fit a workout in.” “F*** it, let’s go drinking instead.” Any of this sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, then let’s have a chat.

I’m here to help all the busy adults out there, mostly mom’s, parents, and busy babe professionals, but all busy adults welcome if you’re ready to up-level your wellness. We will work together in person and online and I will help you be accountable to never miss a workout even if its just 10 minutes of exercise a day!

Just Move Fitness is a fitness and wellness program dedicated to offering, GENUINE NO B.S. in-person and online personal fitness training, yoga or semi-private training with basic nutrition guidance. No two programs are alike; each session and program is mixed with positive reinforcement and coached with unparalleled guidance.

Results are dependent on how coachable YOU are and how much dedication YOU put into your health and wellness when we are not working together in-person. To help you stay on track, I can help you reach your goals additionally with: online coaching, accountability check-ins via email, basic nutrition advice and meal plan audits, and all clients receive a copy of my FREE supplemental signature E3 Method Workouts™️. These mini workouts are designed for additional support to your current workout routine and help you stay accountable when we are unable to work together in person.

How do we work together?

You have the option to work with me in 2 ways. Pay-By-Session in-person sessions or Pre-Pay Monthly for in-person concierge sessions PLUS online coaching.

Option 1

PAY-BY-SESSION - A LA CART “GET FIT” Plan Private and semi-private Personal Training or Yoga pay-as-you-go lessons, we will meet in-person for 55 min sessions. No additional accountability coaching included. Minimum of 2 lessons must be purchased at a time. (30 min and 45 min sessions available upon request.)

Private $125/hour

Semi-Private $200/hour

Option 2

PRE-PAY MONTHLY - CONCIERGE “GET FITTER” Plan For private and semi-private Personal Training or Yoga PLUS online Nutrition audits AND Customized Online Workouts. Get weekly accountability check-ins via email or in-app messaging system using Trainerize.

Pre-Pay Monthly 1:1 Training

2x week - $920

1x week - $480

Pre-Pay Monthly 2:1 Training - contact for rates

Ready to get started?

Simply set up your free 20-minute fitness consultation with Deanna to discuss your fitness goals and to learn more about the programs, discuss budgeting and how to implement my programs into your lifestyle.




  • A full 55-minute comprehensive Initial Fitness Assessment. Pre-payment of $50 deposit is required. (Please be prepared to move and sweat a little as this session will represent a similar version of your ongoing workouts.)

  • All services are provided in Marin County. Offsite and in-home sessions available upon request. Additional travel fees apply.

  • Sessions are offered at 30, 45 and 55-minutes. Please review FAQ’s page for policies.

  • All Ala Cart sessions expire within 60 days. All Pre-pay monthly programs expire in 45 days.