THE WHY - Simply, I help people look and feel better and find solutions to healing and strengthening their body "projects".

I am known for my “tough-love” approach with attention to detail and strict body alignment coaching skills. No two sessions are alike. I meet my clients where they are with unparalleled guidance.  

Training with me is more than just 60 minutes of counting reps. Each hour is valued with attention to body mechanics, form, and executed with comprehensive, three-dimensional training exercises using your own body weight as resistance. Corrective posture alignment and movement screening is adjusted at the beginning, middle and end of program design. Training with me is also fun and light-hearted!

The best part about working with me is that I take time to get to know my clients. My genuine nature and ability to adapt to each client's personality and fitness level from start to finish is what sets me apart from other trainers. It's like "fitness therapy" each lesson; learning how to move better and more efficiently while being a good coach holistically!

Whether training semi-pro athletes, the working mom, the bride-to-be or the older adult client, I can intuitively calibrate and fine tune to each client's fitness needs and goals on any given day.

I have a way of knowing just the right amount of challenge and when to ease up. This creates a balanced workout and I always mix it up! Implementing new movement patterns periodically and exercises to keep my clients coming back for continued training for years.

If you want REAL genuine personal training with a trainer who cares deeply about posture correction, technique and form, schedule a session with me. If you find fitness a chore, I can help you love every moment of your fitness program.

THE HOW - Begin at the beginning.

Goals are achieved via the SAID (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands) principle. Together we create a fitness program that allows you to build a solid foundation of movement skills and coordination. Initial screening along with goal setting, allows for a healthy transformation.

On going body gauging is assessed with high-quality personal training services, posture and movement screenings and baseline body metrics testing. 

Fitness programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Nutrition advice and meal plan updates are offered as a useful adjunct to your wellness program.

Whether you are training for a short distance marathon, wanting to lose weight or just want to feel better and live a more balanced lifestyle, I can help you achieve your goals.