What is online fitness training?

“Online training is a new and exciting way to offer life changing, transformation, fitness coaching to clients. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, prompt fitness programs delivered straight to your in-box, flexibility to do at home or while traveling, and affordability. With it, I can empower all of my busy mom’s and lady hustlers with more accountability and support in addition to in-person sessions.” —

How does it work?

You have the choice to work with me remotely in 2 ways:

Hybrid Training | Option 1

Reach your fitness goals with my customized Hybrid Training experience.

Train with me in-person or via Skype PLUS have access to your online customized workout plans for a certain timeframe. These programs are designed for the committed client who is ready to make a serious lifestyle and wellness change. (Recommended time commitment is a minimum of 3 months.)

1 Month Online Only | Option 2

Don’t need all that? Try my customized Monthly Workout Plans delivered via Trainerize app as a SUPPLEMENT to your current gym or home workout routine. This option will include a 25-minute virtual Fitness Assessment at the start of your program.

Who is it for?

My monthly customized online fitness training is for busy mom’s and busy AF lady hustlers. It’s for the woman who needs to make time for herself and who is seriously dedicated to their health and wellness but who is time constrained. To learn more about all of my online programs, click here.

Why do you need it?

You need online fitness coaching because its like having a personal trainer with you 24-7 to keep you accountable, motivated and to keep you on track of your fitness goals. Most people hire trainers for accountability but fail to comply to their program when they are not with their trainer. Online fitness coaching is a cost effective and convenient solution for you to work with your trainer every step of the way, with customizable fitness programs.

Not sure which program to choose?

Whether you already have a regular workout routine and just need a fitness routine refresher or you need a little more guidance with in-person coaching and take home workouts, you will get a trainer who can help you reach your goals with unparalleled guidance, unlimited accountability, and customized results-driven workouts.

To learn more about all of my Online Training Services, click here.